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Sopa Nuts Conscious Washing


For all you secondhand and vintage lovers out there that shop consciously, now you can also wash your clothes that way! I have been using soap nuts for the last few years, wish I had know about them sooner! I noticed no difference in my clothes when I changed over from a washing powder/liquid, except that I didn't have empty containers + boxes to discard of. These little nuts {well they're actually soap berries - follow link below for detailed info} are not only a better option for health reasons and eliminating chemicals and wastage but also for our precious environment.  A 500g bag lasts me about a year, only costing me $20, which I think is fantastic for an all natural and organic product. I use approx. 6 nuts at a time for around half a dozen washes. Then all I do is throw them into the garden as they are de-compostable and re-fill the muslin bag that comes with the soap nuts. Happy conscious washing!