Afghan Vintage Dresses Photoshoot

Afghan Vintage Dresses Photoshoot

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What a magical morning, spent with a small and very talented team. We came together on the shores of Chelsea Beach as I was in need of showcasing these stunning Afghan vintage dresses. A part of being on the road that I love so much, is the amazing people I cross paths with and the generosity and creativity that can come from these meetings. This intimate gathering is a perfect example.

These beautiful vintage dresses are traditional attire from Afghanistan and are adorned with such intricate beading, coins, lace and stitching work. I am in awe of the beauty and hard work that goes into each and every one of them! Some of the jewellery used in the shoot is from the Kuchi { 'those who go on migration' } people of Afghanistan, who are the true gypsies/nomads of the land and travel from place to place as a way of life.

Nat xx

Much gratitude + love to these beauties ::

Photography :: Irene Cornerstone

Muses :: Jade Murphy  +  Bree Murphy

Stylist :: Monique Stahl

Assistant :: Bonnie Sullivan