L O V E   E V E R Y T H I N G 

Photography 35mm, styling & story Melody Jasmine
Muse Mi


mi Elashiry
Clothing Vintage from our fave Mumma Sarah Phoenix and swimsuit/jacket All That Remains is Love

Mimi X Animalia www.ontheroadwithmelody.comMimi X Animalia www.ontheroadwithmelody.com 6 37 36 33 31 20  19 48 copy-2.jpg 16 13 12 11 Mimi X Animalia www.ontheroadwithmelody.com

39 Vintage Suede Leather Jacket https://www.secondlovesvintage.com/ 42 Vintage Suede Leather Jacket https://www.secondlovesvintage.com/ 46 40

Mimi X Animalia

From the start I knew this was going to be a beautiful shoot, not because it was going to be with ‘MIMI The Star’ but because it was going to be with Mimi the super creative, captivating natural beauty with the most incredible spirit that shines through so brightly.

I feel there’s a huge trust placed upon you photographing someone, and with this shoot we just hung out and let it all happen so organically, loaned our dream clothing from best friends (@sarah_phoenix) and decided we needed a day hugging animals, & who doesn’t! There is always such a spontaneity in shooting film & that’s why I love it, and I hope that the images capture that raw essence which I felt so much on the day. We pretty much had 10 different types of animal poo on each foot so it was never going to be a very serious shoot anyway was it!

Never a dull moment with this girl, and when my eyes were tired (must get glasses!) from looking through my lens for too long, step back and have a laugh while my eyes are blurred out and all I could see was a huge beautiful smile beaming back at me. Best day. Must get more animals. Must get glasses. Love Mimi. Love everything.

Vintage Suede Reversible Jacket from Second Loves - Courtesy of Sarah Phoenix - I cant wait to see it on you next Sarah! 

Love your work Melody, I'm mesmorised by everything in this shoot, thank you for your creativity and vision.

Nat xx