An afternoon spent with so many legends at a place with so many memories, the first Second Loves shoot now being added. So much Gratitude + Love to all involved. 

Creative Direction + Set Design - Chrystal Fitzgerald

Photography - Carly Brown

Hair - Ally Joy xx

Second Loves_web-9217
Second Loves_web-9089
Second Loves_web-9185

Second Loves_web-9151 Second Loves_web-9140 Second Loves_web-9132 Second Loves_web-9131
Second Loves_web-9118 Second Loves_web-9046 Second Loves_web-9037 Second Loves_web-8978 soiree setting Second Loves_web-3077
Second Loves_web-3066 Second Loves_web-3060 Second Loves_web-3046 Second Loves_web-3053

Second Loves_web-3040
Second Loves_web-3008
Second Loves_web-2971 Second Loves_web-2966 Second Loves_web-2962 Second Loves_web-2961 Second Loves_web-2951
Second Loves_web-2946 Second Loves_web-2945
Second Loves_web-2939 Second Loves_web-2938 Second Loves_web-2929
Second Loves_web-2914
Second Loves_web-2894 Second Loves_web-2889 Second Loves_web-2874 talia +elke
Second Loves_web-2869
talia +elke