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The WILD Side Of Market Life

Dealing with the elements of an outside office


So far I have only shared the up side of my market days with Second Loves Vintage. Photos of me, usually being a little awkward, but in my favourite outfits with the stand displayed beautifully. But believe me it’s not all glamorous, actually I’m not sure there’s any glamour at all to a market, but it is real and that is beautiful. It’s the day I wear my best dress and favourite vintage pieces. Whenever possible I ditch the shoes to connect directly with the earth, enjoying the feeling of being grounded. Most days the weather is pleasant and the sun is shining. On a perfect day and location I have been known to throw a picnic rug down beside my van, put my favourite playlist on and enjoy shoppers strolling in for a chat about my business and vanlife travels. 


However,  just recently I have been rained out of a few markets. One went ahead regardless of the forecast and we were all set up and soaked through, only to then have to pack down because the rain and wind had set in hard, conditions were becoming dangerous and the market was called off. Most markets are an all weather event so on these days it means we don’t make any income and do not get any refund on our fee already paid. I do understand this as the organisers put in a lot of work leading up to the market. Dealing with the elements is a risk marketeers have to take on. Some days are so hot I chuck on my vintage one piece swimmers and shorts so I am able pour bottles of water over me throughout the day to keep cool. On the flip side it's always a good excuse to eat ice-cream. 


Second Loves Vintage Byron Bay

Second Loves Vintage

Out of all the elements I find wind is the gnarliest to deal with. At one of the first markets I ever did I had a rack of clothing blow over in a gust of wind and take out a table of plants in the stand next to me. One of these plants being an Australian award winning orchid which was snapped in half! On one of the stormiest days that Brunswick has seen for the Old + Gold Festival we all braved it for the love of vintage. Marquee walls up, which I only use once in a blue moon, and pegs in the ground make for a solid set up in the weather. At the end of the day I was almost packed up, when I moved a few bags out of the way to fold the marquee down, then I turned back around and the marquee was in the air, launching toward the main road! Not even the pegs could hold it down from the strongest gusts of wind. Luckily, no one was walking along the footpath at that time where it landed and also just as lucky, it missed the main road by only a meter or two. Phew!! And that's why we have market insurance. 


Second Loves Vintage Byron Bay

Second Loves Vintage


Sometimes it rains, sometimes the wind howls and some days are scorchers, but for me, it’s all worth it. Being outside and in nature is where I feel most comfortable and at home. It's a nice reminder that some things are out of our control, especially when it comes to mother nature. 

Marketeers are passionate, dedicated and hard working individuals. I commend all the beautiful and supportive fellow marketeers I have had the pleasure of working with and excited to meet those I am yet to meet and work alongside. 

Here’s a few stories from friends…

On a rainy and windy day at the Brunswick Market a rack of Soph’s gorgeous linen clothing blew into the river. I have also seen Soph in one of the muddiest market spots ever. Her day consisted of trying to keep the entire set up from ending up covered in the mud and dodging toads. 

Will + Bear 
On an extremely windy day hats were continually flying from the display. Pretty hard to sell a product when it’s on the ground all day long. 

Stay At Home Gypsy  
Hollie was all set up at the Byron night market when the wind picked up and also literally picked up her gazebo, leaving it in pieces.  She had to pack up and rush out and buy a new gazebo hoping the weather was going to clear for her market the
following day. 


Second Loves Vintage


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