Second Loves Vintage

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Second Loves Vintage comes from my obsession with vintage and secondhand clothing and all that is old and used. There's a feeling I get of nostalgia, going back to another time and place, when living was slower and quality was valued. I dream of a more simple and minimal way of life and most importantly, living with a connection to the land. Therefore in business only practising in a way as not to harm our natural environment.

At first, vintage and op-shopping was one of my favourite past times and I am lucky to have turned this into my livelihood. I started SLV in 2012 whilst living in Byron Bay and I have gradually built my little business over the past years. I am grateful to be able to roam Australia full time with it in my beautifully painted hippy van. On the way, I talk with people I meet about the need for a sustainable future and the importance of re-using what is already out there. 

I feel each and every individual has a responsibilty to care for the earth, to be aware and make conscious consumer choices. Each purchase we make can support an ethical small business or family run enterprise. Our consumer choices are the greatest stand we can make as protectors of the earth. Think small. Slow down. Less is more.